Hi, My name is Douglas Turek. You can call me Doug. I'm a witty, somewhat scruffy bookseller and happily married husband and father. I write science fiction and fantasy and poetry, some of which will show up here. Feel free to drop me a line at my first name Douglas, followed by an R, then Turek, add in the pleasing at sign, gmail, then the ubiquitous 'com'.
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What I've liked
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Tumblr Crushes:
eclecticbanana - brassy, hints of sassy
utterlybanal -sassy, notes of brassy
morerobots-classy, definitely sassy
vovat-brassy, bold, not old
cityofbridges-sassy, and brassy
veronicles-classy and sassy
beccarocks-brassy, sometimes sassy
whitneymcn-classy, probably brassy
mrsbadcrumble-brassy, sassy, and classy

Tumblr Crushes: