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I am amazed and proud.  My daughter Sofie had her first game of Miracle League Baseball this weekend.  That’s her showing off her new uniform and walking to third base.  Sofie was born with a neurogenetic disorder a lot like cerebral palsy.  She needs a walker to help her walk and she can’t speak.  She is brilliantly smart, funny, and a lot of fun to be around.  I never thought she would be an athlete, but here she is.  The Miracle League offers the opportunity for kids with mobility and other issues  to play baseball.  They play on a special field that is made with a hard rubber-like surface that allows walkers and wheelchairs to move easily across it.  The coaches are some of the founders of the local Little League and they are really nice folks.  She loves it.  I had to share this with you, I’m so proud!